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Your Essential Guide to a Budget Studio


5) MIDI Keyboards

If you’re doing 100% recording and never need to sequence any keyboard parts or pads or synths or drum parts, then you may not need a keyboard but that’s a rare case and pretty much everyone needs a basic keyboard sequence in their song.

Not everyone needs an expensive keyboard with tons of sounds. Most recording software you can get today comes with all sorts of free virtual instruments, like keyboards, strings, organs, drums, etc.

Obviously, you’ll need some sort of keyboard to actually play these sounds that are packaged within your software. That’s where a MIDI controller comes in.

However, the majority of musicians do need keyboards in their songs from time to time and most of them don’t have a bunch of fancy keyboards or a Steinway grand piano lying around in the corner of our studio.

A MIDI interface keyboard and some virtual instrument plugins become a valuable asset in such cases.


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