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Your Essential Guide to a Budget Studio


4) Studio Monitors

How many times have you found your musicians friends or folks on popular recording forums and social media groups complaining about how their mixes’ final copy just doesn’t sound the same in their car or stereo. This is an issue which has caused nightmares for many sound engineers since the dawn of music production . Everybody listens to music on a different set of speaker or headphones, and no two sets of gear sound the same. So a perfectly crafted mix on one pair of speakers could sound really poor or muddy on another pair. If you have a cheap set of speakers which are not neutral sounding and if try all your tweaks to make it sound “better,” you’ll end up with a mix that sounds good only on that specific  speakers and not anywhere else.

What you do need is a pair of monitors that have a flat frequency response, meaning they don’t enhance or cut certain frequencies. Flat studio monitors give you a fresh slate on which you can shape your mixes to perfection.

So…which monitors sound flat? You usually get what you pay for. Cheaper monitors tend to be less flat than more expensive ones but it doesn’t mean you need to spend a bomb on a pair of monitors. As long as you are not using some random multimedia speakers, you should do just fine.

If you have a generous budget and a medium to a large-sized studio room , a monitor with 6-8” sized driver on it will be better suited as they can handle the bass frequencies much better than smaller sized ones. If you are on a tight budget or have a smaller sized room a 4 to 4” size driver is something you could start with.


KRK Rokits were designed to offer music professionals of all types a compact and reliable active monitor which delivered what they needed. Rokit series monitors have been an instant success and the trademark yellow driver which is found in the all standard KRK Rokit monitors can now be seen in studios, workstations, and bedrooms across the world. The 3rd generation Rokit’s start at a size of 4” driver and go all the way up to 10”. Depending on your room size, space on the desk and the budget you could choose between the Rokit 4 ,Rokit 5 for smaller space or Rokit 6 / Rokit 8 for a much fuller bass in a big room.

Check-out the complete range of KRK Rokit 3rd gen 

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