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Your Essential Guide to a Budget Studio


 2) Microphones

There are basically two types of microphones – dynamic mics and condenser mics. Dynamics are typically used mainly in a live sound setting. Condensers are usually used more in recording studios. Condensers have a higher sensitive than dynamic microphones, so they pick up more detail. If you are just starting out with a tight budget and majority of your recording will be using only one microphone. You will probably want to get a good large-diaphragm condenser microphone.


Samson’s C01 has all the performance features that you demand from a large diaphragm condenser microphone. It’s the perfect solution for recording vocals, acoustic instruments and for use as and overhead drum mic. The C01’s design includes a heavy gauge mesh grill, gold plated XLR connector and a LED for monitoring its 48V of phantom power. It also comes with a swivel mount that can be attached to any standard mic stand.

Check out the Samson C01 

Make sure to get a good stand and set of quality cables for your microphone or you could always go for the bundle like the one below.

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