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Review- Mapex Tornado 5 Pcs Drum kit with cymbals

Review- Mapex Tornado 5 Pcs Drum kit with cymbals


The Mapex Tornado Drum Kit in 22″ American Fusion Short Stak Sizes, is an excellent beginners drum kit delivering a great spec’d instrument at a very reasonable price, all backed with Mapex’s brand consistency.

The kit consists of 22″ bass drum, 10″ and 12″ short stack rack toms, a 16″ short stak floor tom and a 14″ snare drum and comes complete with cymbals and hardware making it a ready to go instrument straight out of the box. The added feature of the short stack toms deliver added punch making for a very cool modern sounding kit.

Upgrades for this latest incarnation of the Tornado drum kit are the new 8 lugs for the bass and snare drum, the new 6 lugs for the toms, new 200 series bass drum pedal, new telescopic bass drum spurs and a stylish new lug and badge design.

The kit comes complete with a hardware pack which not only includes the previously mentioned bass drum pedal but also a drum throne, hi-hat stand, cymbal stand and drumsticks.




  • Acoustic drum kit
  • 22″ bass drum
  • 10″ and 12″ short stak rack toms, 16″ short stak floor tom
  • 14″ snare drum
  • Highly durable wrap finishes
  • Ball and socket tom holder for ultimate positioning
  • Telescopic bass drum spurs
  • Upgraded lugs for all drums
  • Re-designed badge and logo head
  • Includes a full set of hardware inc pedal, stands and throne
  • Includes Hi Hat & Crash/Ride cymbals

Snare Stand
Hi–Hat Stand
Cymbal Stand
Bass Drum Pedal
Tom Holder on Bass Drum
Drum Throne


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