2 String Sweeps With Descending Shred Lick

I was mucking around with some 2 string arpeggios and just messing with your standard 1, 3, 5 triad over 3 octaves and decided to add a descending run. I put a few different arpeggios together based on a chord progression in E minor with a cheeky moment or harmonic minor/dominant Phrygian at the end.

The chords are Em, C, G, B. The 4th chord B major has a D# in it changing the key signature from E Aeolian to E harmonic minor/B dominant Phrygian. Let’s take a look at the exercise.

You’ll notice we do two 3 note arpeggios across 3 octaves and then work through a descending diatonic scale. If you know all the diatonic 3 note per string shapes in E minor the first 3 arpeggios and scale runs will be easier. The last run that goes with the B major arpeggio is a little bit less predictable due to it’s sassy and exotic nature.

I really hope this exercise help you guys see a great use from these little 2 string sweeps as I’ve seen many players fall into the trap of over using 3 and 5 string arpeggios. This exercise will hopefully help you mix arpeggios with scale runs rather than always keeping both ideas separate.

Have fun with this one guys! Happy shredding!